Outdoor pool & lounge area with mountain view at Hotel Atitlan

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Whether you`re looking to star your day with a revitalizing session or wind down in the evening, Our Hotel Atitlán yoga sessions are available under request, the ambiance and surroundings of the hotel contribute to a tranquil and calming atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience.

Lady doing yoga with a lake view at Hotel Atitlan
Relaxing beds in the Spa with a lake view at Hotel Atitlan


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Our Gardens 

Over thirty years ago, as Hotel Atitlán was being built, the gardens you see today were already being designed. It is easy to sense the devotion that went into creating these magnificent grounds, as owner Susan Rivera’s love of flowers and attention to the beauty of the gardens is ever present.

The Gardens are a spectacular collection of individual areas, each with its own identity, and they extend from the hotel entrance to the edge of the lake. As the water level of Lake Atitlán has receded, the garden has expanded in a series of terraces and is broadly divided into luscious tropical gardens, formal rose gardens and the owner’s personal selection of colours and textures.

Garden with mountain & lake view near Hotel Atitlan