Volcanoes near Lake Atitlan

The eruption that formed Lake Atitlan 85,000 years ago, ejected more than 300 cubic kilometers of lava and ashes into the atmosphere. Ashes from this eruption can be found in places as far away as Florida and Ecuador. The eruption left a large caldera that later filled with water and became what is now Lake Atitlan.


Afterwards, the volcanic activity continued and three volcanoes built up:

  • San Pedro is the oldest of the three volcanoes and has been extinct for about 40,000 years. It is 3,020 m high.
  • Toliman began erupting soon after San Pedro became extinct. It is 3,158 m high.
  • Atitlan is the youngest and is 3,535 m high. It´s  the highest of the three volcanoes.