Lake Atitlan Origins

Geologists believe the lake began to form after a volcanic caldera collapsed some 85,000 years ago. LAKE ATITLAN, famously noted for being one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, is one of Guatemala’s most prized natural treasures. Located 1562 meters above sea level and covers 130 square kilometers or 50 square miles.

Lake Atitlán is a large endorheic lake in the Guatemalan Highlands. In an endorheic basin, rain (or other precipitation) that falls within it does not flow out but may only leave the drainage system by evaporation and seepage. Endorheic water bodies include some of the largest lakes in the world. While Atitlan is recognized to be the deepest lake in Central America, its bottom has not been completely sounded by SONAR. Estimates of its maximum depth range up to 340 meters.