The Gardens

Over thirty years ago, as Hotel Atitlan was being built, hotel proprietres, Sue R. was already in the process of designing the gardens you see today. As one walks the gardens it is easy to sense the devotion that went into creating these magnificent grounds. Susan’s love of flowers and attention to the beauty of the gardens is ever present.

The Gardens are a spectacular collection of different gardens, each with it’s own identity and they extend from the hotel entrance to the edge of the lake. As the water level of Lake Atitlan has receded, the garden has expanded in a series of terraces and are broadly divided into luscious tropical gardens, formal rose gardens and the owner’s personal selection of colors and textures. Pathways wind around the hotel revealing extensive collections of Roses, Hibiscus, Heliconias, Passion Flower and Bougainvillea, with over 500 different species representing 250 plant families.