Pictures of Lake Atitlan

While you visit Panajachel don´t miss the chance to take a picture of the beautiful skies over Lake Atitlan.  Every photographer must do it, especially in the morning, when the sun is rising and color is filling the sky.

It´s a breathtaking view, that includes the image of amazing volcanoes and if you´re lucky, you can see local fisherman checking his lines, while moving through the lake in their boats.

Don´t miss the chance of take many pictures of Lake Atitlan!

Calle Santander Panajachel

While visiting Panajachel, one of the first things you´ll notice are the small shops on every corner. One of the main places is Calle Santander, where you can find unique and beautiful handcrafts. The happy atmosphere of this street mixes up with the gentle spirit of vendors. They will greet you and offer original objects that you will enjoy. Some of these vendors are girls and boys, ready to show you their best handcrafts at incredible prices.


There are many options for you. In this street you can find jewels, bags, cloth and other things that would be great as a gift. The creative objects are a great example of the intelligence of villagers who produce these handcrafts.


When you visit Hotel Atitlan don´t miss the opportunity to walk through Calle Santander!

Atitlan Nature Reserve

Visiting Panajachel is a great experience to be in contact with nature. You´ll enjoy fresh air, sound of birds, colorful skies and view to the the most beautiful lake.

One of the places you have to visit is the Atitlan Nature Reserve. This place is a little way back up the road towards Solola and down a side road. It is well worth a visit because you can walk through the forest and watch out for wildlife.

In the visitors center you can find a lot of information about the natural history and human presence in the area. There are two roads, one short and one long, depending on how long you want to spend there and how fit you are. The long one takes around an hour and it´s self-guided. Along the way there is a 23 meter high waterfall and three suspension bridges.

Atitlan, an extraordinary trip

If you´re planning your vacations in a natural atmosphere the perfect place to do it is Panajachel. This place offers you fresh air and peace. You´ll be able to experience the richness of the past and present of an ancestral culture.


You can appreciate beautiful and colorful twilights, without buildings that hide the stars. It’s a great occasion to free your mind with the wonders of nature.


One of the main places you can visit is Lake Atitlan. During the first hours in morning the water in seashore is warm. There´s a happy atmosphere coming from villagers swimming in the lake. This will calm your soul. And finally, at the horizon you´ll see three volcanoes that complete this piece of art.

Colorful fabric in Panajachel

When you walk through the streets of Panajachel, you´ll find a variety of beautiful handicrafts that are going to amuse you with their colorful designs. However, some of these objects are not from Solola, but from Antigua and Totonicapan.


Some of the main crafts from Solola are the fabrics made of cotton and yarn that come from towships like Santa Catarina, San Jose, San Andres, Panajachel, etc. To make the colorful and original designs on fabric, people use looms. These looms can be of two types: use with the waist or with pedal.


These beautiful fabrics express the creativity and skill of craftsmen from Panajachel. During your next trip, don´t forget to look near these beautiful handicraft!