Travel to Lake Atitlan

If you´re planning to travel to Lake Atitlan, you can do it by road. From the airport are 3.5 hours away by car to Panajachel. You can also travel using tourist buses. During the trip you´ll be able to appreciate the nature in the road, which will make it more enjoyable.

When you arrive to Panajachel there are other transportation options. You can do this with taxis or buses. After settling in Hotel Atitlan you would want to know the famous Lake Atitlan and towns around.


To travel to the villages, you can rent boats or ferry service. The prices of the boats are negotiable and vary depending on the agreement you make. If you know Spanish, it´s easier to get a better price.

Vacations near Lake Atitlan

Would you like to travel to a magical place in Guatemala?

Visit Hotel Atitlan located in Panajachel. You´ll enjoy good service and a wonderful view of Lake Atitlan.

To know in depth the beauty of the place we recommend you to stay more than one day. There are many activities you can enjoy. One of the most famous is to travel by boat to the villages at the on the shore of the Lake. You will meet an indigenous world happy to welcome you.


There are about 12 villages to explore, but three of them attract more tourists: Santiago Atitlan, Santa Catarina and San Antonio Palopo. Each is famous for its women weavers and diversity of crafts.

Enjoy your next vacations near Lake Atitlan!

Peace on Lake Atitlan

Do you feel tired and stressed? Maybe it's time to take a vacation to recover your vitality. The perfect place to do this is Lake Atitlan.


This lake is known as one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala and the world. The color of the water and the peaceful environment gives a magical touch to this place. You can observe the landscape and let your worries go away.

The water temperature is cold, perfect for hot days where the temperature reaches 24 ° C. Sky Colors are perfectly reflected in the water, so it becomes a beautiful mirror. Finally, the majesty of the volcanoes on the horizon give the perfect touch to this place.


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Wildlife in Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It is surrounded by a variety of fauna and flora. The vegetation of the region consists of mixed and coniferous forests. You can find around 798 species of plants that make this place a paradise.


Among the animals that inhabit the forests are reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. Among the birds is the national bird of Guatemala: Quetzal. There are also toucans, bugles, among others. Also, many species of migratory birds use Lake Atitlan as a site for overwintering.

Would you like to see wildlife in Atitlan during your next visit to Hotel Atitlan?

Flye over Lake Atitlan

Do you imagine flying over the clouds above Lake Atitlan?


Panajachel is a wonderful place to experience the beauty of nature. You can enjoy amazing views of three volcanoes and the lake surrounded by mountains. If you choose this place for your vacations, there are many activities you can do. One of the most exiting is flying over Lake Atitlan.


The weather is perfect to fly long distances along the mountains covered with forest. You can learn to fly or to improve your flying technique. There are some tours you can choose. Some of these tours are done in tandem flight mode. The time you spend flying would depend on weather conditions, wind speed and angle. With a good weather you´ll be able to fly during 40 – 45 minutes.


Come and enjoy this incredible adventure!