Atitlan Nature Reserve

Visiting Panajachel is a great experience to be in contact with nature. You´ll enjoy fresh air, sound of birds, colorful skies and view to the the most beautiful lake.

One of the places you have to visit is the Atitlan Nature Reserve. This place is a little way back up the road towards Solola and down a side road. It is well worth a visit because you can walk through the forest and watch out for wildlife.

In the visitors center you can find a lot of information about the natural history and human presence in the area. There are two roads, one short and one long, depending on how long you want to spend there and how fit you are. The long one takes around an hour and it´s self-guided. Along the way there is a 23 meter high waterfall and three suspension bridges.

Nature reserve at the San Buenaventura Valley